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Clay classes for Girl Scouts

Come fulfill your Potter or Ceramics & Clay badge requirements at a real working pottery studio.  We have a community of working ceramic artists and all the resources you need to learn, create and finish your work.

The $45 price per Girl Scout includes:

  • Instructor-led classes and demonstrations.
  • Clay, tools, glazes and firings.

You can complete your badge requirements in one 3-hour session or two 1 ½-hour sessions. Just let us know which you prefer. The minimum per class is 6 Girl Scouts. The maximum per class is 16 Girl Scouts.

Working with clay can get messy. It’s a good idea to bring an old towel and an apron or smock to wear over your scout uniform. Clay comes out of fabric without much effort, but some glazes and other materials aren’t so forgiving.

Program Highlights

Our program for Girl Scouts covers everything from how clay is formed and its historical and contemporary uses to demonstrations of the different ways of working with the material.

Your group will receive a personal tour of our facility and learn about each step of the clay process, including:

  • How we store our wet clay.
  • Uses of specific forming tools and equipment.
  • Different firing processes.
  • Different glazing techniques
  • How we store clay at each stage of the process.

Each scout will learn how to build clay objects using a variety of different forming methods and will create at least one finished piece.

Scout groups can choose one 3-hour session or two 1½-hour sessions to complete the badge requirements. Please note: The two 1½-hour sessions are necessary for learning the glazing process hands on.

Girl Scouts work on the pottery wheel while earning their Ceramics & Clay badge. Girl Scouts learn about the process of storing, forming and firing clay.