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Our fully-equipped studio welcomes all beginning, experienced, part-time, and full-time potters and clay sculptors. The studio is furnished with:

  • Three electric kilns
  • Eight Shimpo VL Whisper pottery wheels
  • Comfortable handbuilding stations
  • Brent SR20 slab roller
  • A Bailey clay extruder with dyes
  • Hand tools and brushes

Those who purchase our Clay Package or enroll in one of our classes have access to studio slips and a selection of under glazes and studio glazes.

With each six-week class session, we schedule a minimum of 20 hours of Open Studio time each week. During posted Open Studio hours, students and anyone who rents studio time can come into the studio to work indpendently on projects and improve skills. 

Open Studio Rental

Anyone can rent studio time during posted Open Studio hours. If you have never before worked with clay, we do ask that you first take one of our classes or a private lesson to become oriented with the materials as well as the studio. Other than that, our studio is your studio.

The rental price is $10 per hour or 10 hours for $90. If you plan to use the studio more than 15 hours in a six-week period, you should purchase our Six-Week Open Studio Package for $150. The package coincides with our scheduled six-week class sessions and provides unlimited access during posted Open Studio hours.

Open Studio Rentals do not include clay, glazes, and firing. You may purchase those separately from us (see Clay Package and Firing Fees) or use your own. If you do use your own clay and glazes, proof of temperature is required before firing in our kilns.

Clay Package

We offer a specially priced Clay Package to Open Studio renters.

The price is $50.00 and the package includes:

  • 25 pounds of the same cone 5/6 stoneware clay we use for classes.
  • Access to all of our studio slips and glazes
  • Two firings (one bisque and one glaze)

Firing Fees

Just need someplace to fire your work? That’s fine with us. Several local ceramic artists and hobbyists create at home and use our kilns.

We have three electric kilns and a raku kiln.

Firing fees are:

  • $60.00 per full kiln
  • $30.00 per half kiln
  • $15.00 per quarter kiln

The minimum firing fee is $15.

Please Note: Proof of clay temperature is required before firing unless you are using our studio clay.

Kilns Slip and glazes Raku firing